-For chefs and their restaurant staff, a MUSHROOM CLASS with COOKING DEMONSTRATION

-For guests, DINNER-&-SLIDESHOW events

The Mushroom Hunting Foundation collaborates with chefs to create fantastic mushroom dinner-and-slideshow events.  These are entirely different from our other classes, because while restaurant guests are eating, we want to avoid technical details and scary warnings about poisonous mushrooms.  So we deliberately avoid the topic of how to safely identify mushrooms!  Instead, our slideshow takes the guests into beautiful forest wilderness, explaining and showing off the wondrous variety of mushroom colors, shapes, textures, and flavors that can be found and enjoyed.  We discuss the ways different mushrooms can be cooked to highlight their unique qualities, referencing different mushroom traditions from around the world.  Meanwhile, the audience savors the chef’s very own mushroom creations!  These dinners are unique and spectacular events.  Sometimes the mushroom varieties covered in the slideshow can even be timed to coincide with different courses as they are served.

To schedule one for your restaurant, contact us:  send an email to                                                                                                                         or call (401)595-6143.

We also offer a special slideshow-and-cooking program for chefs and their restaurant staff:

RESTAURANT MUSHROOM CLASS, 3 hours.  A chance for staff members to learn first-hand about cooking and enjoying delicious wild mushrooms.

To schedule one for your restaurant, contact us:  send an email to                                                                                                                         or call (401)595-6143.