We provide other unique services for students of wild mushroom hunting, such as those listed below.

Email your questions to , or just call and ask!  (401)595-6143

-Lessons based on the student’s photographs (or actual collected mushrooms)

-Identification services

-Help in locating a particular variety of mushroom in the wild

-“Yard survey” map sketches, with marked sites of mushrooms found on your property

-Wintertime Chaga Workshops  (…want to get your hands on some prized Chaga mushrooms?)

-Gift certificates for our private classes–see under the SHOP tab

-Special-topic Slideshow Classes  

          “Medicinal Mushrooms”

          “Boletes and Other Intermediate-Level Fungi”

          “Advanced Mushroom Hunting:  the Gilled Fungi”

          “Mushrooms as Meat:  Wild Fungi for Vegans and Vegetarians”

          “Wild, Wild Mushrooms” (click on Kids Programs in the tabs above)

Some students have even had us teach several classes as a custom-designed course series!

For more information, send an email to    or call (401)595-6143


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