Together, Ryan and Emily Bouchard created the Mushroom Hunting Foundation.  It is a nonprofit organization that teaches the best methods for the hobby, based on the science of mycology, and aims to make mushroom hunting a better-known part of our culture.  Ryan and Emily have taught thousands of students how to safely enjoy America’s incredible wild mushrooms.

Our brand new project:  an ONLINE COURSE for 2023, called The World of Gourmet Wild Mushrooms.  Designed by Ryan Bouchard, it’s intended for residents of the Northeast and the Midwest (USA).  Check it out in the SHOP tab, and sign up now!

Our other new project is In the Weeds with Emily Schmidt.  In this video series about edible wild plants, Emily Bouchard (a.k.a. Emily Schmidt) explains the safety rules for harvesting one’s own wild plant ingredients, and ways to turn them into delicious and amazing food.  The Spring edition will be completed soon, so keep in touch!  Please sign up on this site for our free email newsletter.

Ryan T. Bouchard is the author of the groundbreaking book Gourmet Mushrooms of the Northeast 2019.  Written, photographed, and graphically designed by Ryan, this work was actually an innovative combination of book and calendar, showing the annual progression of mushroom seasons, and it introduced regional residents to some astonishing and delicious local life forms.  It sparked thousands of conversations as it hung on walls throughout 2019, and remains an excellent resource, full of information and stunning photography.

Emily Bouchard (a.k.a. Emily Schmidt) studies the health and nutritional values of our local mushrooms, the many incredible ways they can be cooked, their craft uses in different cultures, and even the new technological uses of fungi, which include decontaminating polluted soil.  Emily’s passion for ecological awareness and creative cooking has informed and inspired audiences all over New England and New York, and sometimes beyond.

The Mushroom Hunting Foundation has different types of events and educational programs, both indoor and outdoor, for audiences large or small, public or private.  The programs are so fun that many people don’t notice at first how much they are learning!

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