Mushroom Festival Private Class – Gift Certificate


Good for one private MUSHROOM FESTIVAL!  It’s an in-depth class, but also tons of fun (especially since it includes new food experiences).  The person who receives the gift will contact us to schedule their own Mushroom Festival.  Usually, the student’s home is where the indoor portion takes place.  The minimum fee covers up to 6 students (but yes, the class can be presented to fewer, if desired–even just one or two).  If your group has more than 6, the extras can be added for $50 each.  Some people invite their group for free, and others ask everyone to split the cost–that is up to you.  The class consists of three parts:

(1)  Our amazing slideshow class about mushroom hunting.   We run our laptop through a big TV, usually in the person’s living room.  We have a different slideshow for every season.

(2) A 90-minute guided mushroom hunting walk; we can teach in an area of your choice, or we can recommend a location near you.

(3) A delicious cooking demonstration, back at your home base.

See under the CLASSES tab for additional information.  This is the perfect gift!


This hands-on experience is the ultimate gift!