SLIDESHOW MUSHROOM CLASSES are great fun, and teach you how it’s done





“An Introduction to Mushroom Hunting”:  our basic 90-minute class, followed by a 30-minute Q&A

[A 45-minute version followed by a 15-minute Q&A is also available—same price as the full version]


Our slideshow classes are presented in outdoor pavilions, full auditoriums, or sometimes to just one person, in his or her living room!  We bring our own flatscreen TV, unless there is a big TV or a projector available for use.   Using gorgeous photography, our basic class “An Introduction to Mushroom Hunting” focuses on some mushrooms that are safe for beginners, and covers the crucial background of mushroom science and safety.  Our mushroom guidebook will also be available for purchase at the event.  Get a blank notebook and write Mushroom Hunting Journal on the cover…you will want to take notes on this presentation!


Fee:  $100 total.  There is no class size limit for a slideshow event, so you can invite as many people as you want; they could potentially split the cost with you.  Available year-round.


To schedule one, CONTACT US:  send an email to   or call (401)595-6143.

Private class GIFT CERTIFICATES are available; the recipient contacts us to schedule their own day and time. Check the SHOP tab above.


The “Introduction” class is the popular choice, focusing on mushrooms that are safe for beginners, and covering all the essentials of the hobby.  However, we offer other slideshow classes too, and they can even be arranged into a custom-designed course series.

Our available specialized slideshow classes are:

“Medicinal Mushrooms”

“Boletes and Other Intermediate-Level Fungi”

“Advanced Mushroom Hunting:  the Gilled Fungi”

“Mushrooms as Meat:  Wild Edible Fungi for Vegans and Vegetarians”

“Wild, Wild Mushrooms” See Children’s Programs in tab above


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