We offer educational and entertaining programs about wild mushrooms.

The Mushroom Hunting Foundation puts on events and programs indoors and outdoors, for large and for very small audiences as well.  The programs are so fun, many people don’t notice how much they are learning!


People hire us to present an event at their home, just for them, or with friends and family.

Organizations hire us to present at a members-only event, such as a club meeting, or company wellness retreat.

Organizations hire us to organize a public event, and may charge admission by arrangement with us.


We usually have upcoming public events in various places; click HERE for the “Attend a Public Class” list.


To SCHEDULE a class or event, select and read about these 3 main kinds of classes:

     *SLIDESHOW mushroom hunting classes*    Fun, and informative…bring a notebook!

     *GUIDED WALK classes*

     *all-afternoon MUSHROOM FESTIVAL immersion class events*