The Bounty of the Forest



Today’s haul. All of these are great edibles! Most of these species have gills, which generally have dangerous look-alikes…so remember, these are not for beginners. Except the Jelly Tooth…always a strange surprise, but especially at this time of year! Found on dead hemlock wood. So, what we have here, counter-clockwise, starting from one seriously gigantic Oyster Mushroom: Entoloma abortivum (the actual mushrooms, not “aborted” ones); Blewits/Lepista nuda; two rather large Brick Tops/Hypholoma sublateritium; a ton of Alcohol Inkies/Coprinus atramentarius; some smaller Oysters/Pleurotus ostreatus; more Entoloma abortivum; a pile of yellow-gilled Man on Horseback/Tricholoma flavovirens; a couple of older Alcohol Inkies with stems not removed; a big Horse Mushroom/Agaricus arvensis, related to Portobellos but with a hint of sweetness; on the right of the big Oyster where we started, some Jelly Tooth/Pseudohydnum gelatinosum, well loved by the two of us. And finally, in the bottom right corner of the cutting board, some Graylings/Cantharellula umbonata. What to cook first? We’ve never had so much Alcohol Inky to work with, so we’re gonna make David Arora’s “inky cap and salami sandwiches”.